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Get to know me!

Hi, I am Ankita, from India.

I am pursuing Political science (pre-law) major through the College of Arts and Sciences and the Ohio honors program. Although I plan to study Law after graduation, I would love to pursue creating art full-time since I love writing and reading all kinds of literature.

Currently, I am involved with many on-campus organizations: The Post-Athens (My column is 'Answers from Ankita'), the NRHH, Poli-sci major association, and Ohio university Entrepreneur. I read books, write poetry and prose, talk about cats, and paint anything/anywhere during my free time.

I have a strong desire to effect positive change and a passion for efficiency and effectiveness. I have experience both in and outside the workplace that would be of value to this position.

Highly motivated copywriter and content writer. I have hands-on experience in creating optimized website content for various industries and business sectors. I'm a creative and strategic thinker with the ability to manage and organize large projects, as well as produce high-quality, SEO-friendly writing.

My Books

A Perfidious Caim

When the past knocks on your door, you have very little choice but not to ignore it. To add on a camp turning into an unsolicited adventure that no one wished for. But what happens when evil is overpowering and your past meets your present. Will Adrian have answers to everything? - The Perfidious Caim by Ankita Bansode