A Perfidious Caim

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I am Ankita bansode a 17 years old Indian teenage author and poet. The world of literature fascinated me when I was 13. I developed a keen interest in psychological thrillers and fantasy novels, after that I entered my world of books. 

Initially, I started off with small prose, limericks, musings, and poems and then proceeded on to write my first book, The perfidious Caim. The words are my weapon of choice, which makes me stronger every day.

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A Perfidious Caim

When the past knocks on your door, you have very little choice but not to ignore it. To add on a camp turning into an unsolicited adventure that no one wished for. But what happens when evil is overpowering and your past meets your present. Will Adrian have answers to everything? - The Perfidious Caim by Ankita Bansode



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